Innovative Protection: The Inverted Umbrella for Rain or Sun - 7stories®

At 7stories, we're dedicated to introducing inventive products that offer both functionality and style. Today, we're excited to present an Inverted Umbrella that redefines traditional designs, providing reliable protection and elegance during any weather condition.

Flipping Convention: The Inverted Design

This unique umbrella challenges the conventional design with its inverted structure, delivering several advantages that make it an exceptional choice for various weather situations:

Windproof and Weather-Resistant

Crafted with durability in mind, this umbrella withstands strong winds and adverse weather conditions, ensuring dependable protection against rain and intense sunlight. Its inverted design prevents flipping, keeping you dry and comfortable in windy conditions.

Enhanced Safety with Reflective Stripe

Featuring a reflective stripe, this umbrella enhances visibility during low-light settings, ensuring safety during evening strolls or rainy nights. Stay visible and secure while adding a functional yet stylish element to your umbrella.

Teflon Coating for Ultimate Protection

The canopy's Teflon coating repels water effectively, preventing saturation even during heavy rainfall. Experience a shield that not only protects but also remains resilient against varying weather elements.

Compact and Travel-Ready

Despite its large coverage when open, this inverted umbrella folds into a compact size, perfect for travel. Its included cover bag ensures effortless storage and portability wherever you go.

Unveiling Reliable Style

This umbrella embodies both style and dependability, serving as a reliable accessory no matter the weather conditions.

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Elevate Your Protection and Style

Enhance your style while staying protected with the Inverted Umbrella. Experience the fusion of fashion and functionality in this innovative accessory.

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Embrace Innovation and Style

Discover the elegance and functionality of the Inverted Umbrella. Join us in embracing innovation and protection with this versatile accessory.